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Security Consulting

Security Consulting is about more than just your security, it is about your business. At eSureITy, your security is our business. Whether selecting the appropriate firewall, managing single sign-on, or multifactor authentication, our consulting services are comprehensive and based on lessons learned.

We offer consulting services from a unique perspective… each of our assessors are certified in Ethical hacking and Penetration Testing as well as certified in their respective IT related discipline. It is safe to say that we have seen just about everything from IDS to IPS and have broken into most everything. Our perspective on security consulting is unique in that we have experts in the installation and management as well as some of the best hackers and penetration testing specialists in the industry. This combination of experience allows us the ability to prescribe solutions that will keep you secure and compliant.

Our Security Consulting solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Solution Selection
    • Multifactor Authentication
    • Firewall selection and positioning
    • Single-sign on solutions
    • Biometric security integrations
    • Intrusion Detection Sensors
    • Intrusion Prevention Solutions
    • Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and SpyWare integrations
    • Server and workstation Hardening
    • Enterprise Security Hardening
    • Active Directory, directory services hardening
    • Physical Security
  • Solution Implementations
    • Remote access
    • Auditing
  • Management and Monitoring
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Internal and External Security Monitoring
    • Training
  • Security Assessments
    • Appliance Based
    • Periodic assessments
    • Comprehensive, Internal and External
    • Penetration Testing
  • Policy and Procedure
    • Business Continuity Plan
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Information Security Policy planning and training
    • Bank Secrecy ACT
  • Compliance
    • GLBA, SoX
    • FFIEC
    • SCADA
    • HIPAA
    • NERC
    • CIP
    • FDIC, OTS, OC


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