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Risk Management Solutions

eSureITy offers a multi-phased approach to Risk Management. We believe that the process of Risk Management is best managed as an ongoing process designed to provide forward looking and readily available solutions. While nearly all of our services offerings assess or mitigate risk in one fashion or another, our Risk Management solutions are specifically tailored to assist our customers in the training and understanding and attainment of risk compliance.

eSureITy offers the following solutions for enterprise Risk Management:

  • Compliance Assurance Program
  • Routine Assessment Services
  • Business Continuity Planning and Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Information Security Process planning
  • Audit Preparedness workshops

Each of our Solutions offerings are designed to provide a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to your staff as a resource in the interpretation and education of components that affect Compliance, Governance and Risk Management. Our staff will attend quarterly and annual BCP / DR, Electronic Data Processing, Emergency Disaster Preparedness, and other pertinent committee meetings in an advisory capacity to ensure that adequate steps are taken to attain compliance requirements based on GLBA, FFIEC, SCADA, HIPAA, NERC guidelines. The key benefit in this process is that your SME is available while your initiatives are being considered and resolved providing a significant time savings in the way of research and additional meetings. Our SME’s typically serve on “Tiger Teams” as well to provide high level guidance and recommendations to ensure that time spent in committee is productive and result-oriented.


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