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Risk Assessments

eSureITy’s Enterprise Risk Assessment products and services are designed to provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the risks that your organization faces as well as the probability and likelihood of that risk coming to fruition. Many factors affect risk… and risk varies significantly from business to business as well as from one geography to another. When performing an Enterprise Risk Assessment, it is imperative that the assessment process consider multiple factors in the quantitative analysis of risk. 

eSureITy offers the following Risk Assessment Solutions:

  • Enterprise Risk Assessments
  • Information Systems Risk Assessments
  • Financial Institutions Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA Compliance Risk Assessments
  • Electrical Sector Risk Assessments
  • Nuclear Power Sector Risk Assessments
  • Physical & Homeland Security Risk Assessments
  • Physical Security & C-TPAT Risk Assessments
  • University & School Security Risk Assessments

eSureITy proudly uses the tried and true methodology in the performance and reporting of its enterprise risk assessments. eSureITy sponsors training classes and webinars for the further education of our clients and staff. If you would like attend a free webinar or structured training class, please send an email to with the word RISK ASSESSMENT in the subject line and you will be contacted to schedule training.

eSureITy’s Risk Assessment products and services are comprised of and rely on current standards and requirements as the basis for an easy-to-use software solution that automatically creates web-based or laptop-based surveys that can be sent throughout the organization, and a robust analysis engine that analyzes results, recommends controls by return on investment and writes a variety of accurate and comprehensive management reports.


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