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RFP & Vendor Management Solutions

Our Request for Proposal (RFP) & Vendor Management Solutions provide a course of action to develop and customize a RFP document.  Our team helps define the RFP process by detailing what steps should be taken and approximately how long each step should take. eSureITy provides consultation based on years of IT and compliance attainment experience recommending what areas are the most important to investigate, what questions to ask, and what to look for in a vendor.  

eSureITy offers RFP and vendor management for the following requirements:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning Development and Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Development and Testing
  • Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Policy Development
  • Infrastructure upgrades and installations
  • Enterprise voice upgrades and VoIP conversions

The initial steps of the process are to quantify the required and desired results that, if properly executed would fulfill. Once this information is gathered, eSureITy will generate and make public the RFP through appropriate channels. Our unique process is designed to target industry recognized and credible distribution sources to ensure that your RFP is fairly and accurately disseminated to the best of the best in the discipline that is being assessed. eSureITy will manage pre engagement question and answer sessions, RFP changes and modifications, submissions, and initial vetting of submissions for compliance with RFP mandates. 

At the completion of the RFP management process, eSureITy will provide your committee members with the top three vendors based on all of the criteria from the RFP. After your organization completes the selection process, eSureITy SME’s will monitor the selected team in the fulfillment of the RFP defined engagement from start to finish. Upon completion of the selected vendor’s services, eSureITy will provide a summary report that is designed to be used as evidence of due care and diligence in the vendor selection and oversight process.  Finally, to ensure that no opportunity for conflict of interest to can exist, neither eSureITy, nor any of its affiliates or partners will be considered in the vendor selection process.

The benefits of working with eSureITy include objectivity and our methodology for creating RFP’s.  eSureITy saves valuable staff time by developing the RFP process and recommending and selecting the vendors who are the best qualified to do business with your company. 


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